2 in 1 Grinder With Drill Set

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To start a hole accuratcly, use a pointed punch or nail to mark the surface.2.To avoid splintering on breaking through, either clamp a piece of scrap wood to the back of the work or drill from both sides of the work.SCREWDRIVING (VARIABLE SPEED ONLY, Use a screw-driving bit suitable for type and size of screw head.2Drill a pilot hole for the screw thread to bite into (A3If you are using countersunk screws, drill a countersink for the screw head (04If required, drill a hole for the unthreaded shank (B)5Use your drill at the lowest speedTECHNICAL DATA:Voltage: 220V-50/60HzPower rating:450WNo load speed:2200/2800r/minDrilling capacity:13mm

Tool compatible with Surfaces: Metal Drill

Type Drill/Driver No. of included Batteries 0 Power Tool Feature Detent Anvil Included

Battery Core Type Li-Ion (Lithium-Ion)

Cordless Corded

Model 2ni1 Box Content 2 in 1 Grinder With Drill Set

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